May 25, 2018

Facebook Friday! Q&A exclusively on the Facebook App

Facebook Friday! Q&A exclusively on the Facebook App Skip through to 2mins 45s as I didn’t realise I was live and there just the side of my face for a while!! ??? How to save posts and where to find them - Anne Jacques, Joan McCormick Where to find my previous videos The best way to Share a post How to Tag someone - Carla Wheeler, Cathy Meyer How to stop Facebook Email Notifications - Astrid Steel

Posted by The IPAD Man on Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Colin Dunkerley

Colin Dunkerley, better known as The iPad Man - has been helping seniors learn how to use the iPad and iPhone since 2012. More than 1800 seniors have either enjoyed his one on one tuition or participated in small group courses to improve their iPad skills. Plus more than 12,500 people follow his tips & updates on Facebook. (

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