May 19, 2014

Despite years of notice about Microsoft ceasing support for Windows XP as of April this year there are still more than 26% of Windows computers using the discontinued software.

If you are an XP user should you be worried? The answer is yes. Whilst you should not panic, you should exercise more caution than ever before as the security threat to Windows XP users is much higher than any other operating system.

Just one week after Microsoft ceased supporting the platform a major security flaw was publicised. Thankfully Microsoft decided to fix this one but we do not expect to see them fix any more.

So what should you do? Upgrade your existing computer’s software? No. A computer running XP is already very old and slow and will not run new software very well. Buy a new computer? Maybe. There will be a learning curve thanks to the totally different look with Windows 8 but you will be safer.

Or why not look at replacing your computer altogether with an iPad. They don’t need anti-virus software, are light, portable and much easier to use. Technology is not beyond you. Everyone is capable of using these new devices and your don’t have to look far to see how many of your friends are already doing more than they ever dreamed of. Far more than they ever achieved on a computer.

For free advice as to what device may be best for you contact the iPad Man Colin Dunkerley from iPad Lessons on 5444 5338

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