April 2, 2017

Technology is taking away the burden of keeping your photos organised writes COLIN DUNKERLEY The iPad Man

During the past twenty years digital cameras have made taking photos very easy. So easy that we seem to have lost control.

Because you are no longer limited by film you can keep clicking to make sure you get the perfect photo. At the time, you are sure one of the shots will be a good one. The only thing is you never get around to picking the “good” one and often your collection of photos becomes bloated with duplicates or many very similar photos that were never deleted.

What started as a wonderful hobby to preserve your memories has become a collection of excess that you rarely share with anyone. With every photo taken the problem keeps getting bigger to the point now where you don’t even know where to start. The thought of dealing with all those photos is overwhelming.

Thankfully technology has come to the rescue.

Many people spend hours trying to delete duplicates manually. You don’t have to. Software exists for both Apple Mac and Windows PC and can be downloaded for free to find and remove your duplicate photos in less than 5 minutes, even if you have thousands of them.

But what about photos that look similar? How to we deal with those? Apple realises that many of our photo collections are full of these similar photos so they have incorporated very clever software into the Photos App that is built into your iPhone or iPad to solve the problem.

This feature is called Memories and it creates a professional slideshow of your photos, timed to music with the touch of one button. It is so smart that it analyses your photos for duplicates and similar photos and skips them in the slideshow.

Finally we can enjoy sharing our photos again without the embarrassment of “I was going to delete that”. This software is magic and will have you enjoying and sharing your photos like you always intended.

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