March 9, 2017

You may be annoyed by always being asked to update your software but The iPad Man – Colin Dunkerley says it’s essential for functionality and security.

Most people do not need to use the latest and greatest features, (although many of these features make using your iPad easier) but you all need to keep the security of your devices up to date and for that reason alone it is recommended that you do updates whenever prompted by your device.

Whilst some people complain about how many updates they are asked to do others, who own non-Apple products, complain that they cannot do any updates.

As of September 2016 49% of Android smartphone and tablet users were running software that is 3-4 years old and can never be updated leaving them vulnerable to viruses and malware. That is something that the retailers never tell you at the time of purchase leaving most of the Android customer base totally unaware of how vulnerable their products actually are.

Keeping your software up to date is the easiest way to maintain the best security on your device so please make sure you don’t ignore them.

Each September Apple does a large software update to the operating system of the iPhone and iPad. This continual evolution will never stop so you need to continually embrace the updates and why wouldn’t you?, as they are provided for free!

This year’s update, iOS10 has some fantastic new improvements that will make using your devices even easier again. One great new feature allows you to simply say to your iPhone “I would like a lift to Sunshine Plaza” and the nearest Uber will be booked, usually arriving within minutes.

Photos has also had a major overhaul giving you incredible new search functionality that allows you to find the things by names, places or things like “dog,” “cat,” “flower” or “car.”

We do recommend this update but as always before you do please make sure you backup your device. It is very simple to backup and can save you so much heart ache if anything goes wrong.

To update your iPad or iPhone tap on Settings > iCloud > Backup > ON > Back Up Now.

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