November 20, 2013

The update for Apple’s new iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch operating system has been released and its by far and away the biggest change Apple have ever made to the way your devices look and work.

As of last week 93% of active Apple idevices were operating on Apple’s iOS6 operating system. After just one day it is estimated that more than 20% of those have updated to iOS7 – that would make it the fastest uptake of any new operating system in the history of computers.

Should you update? Yes. Should you update today? No.

It is inevitable that you will update to the new look operating system, in fact if you buy a new iPhone or iPad today you can only get it with the new operating system however as a minimum I suggest waiting until the first update comes out for the new operating system.

iOS7.1 is rumoured to be just weeks away fixing some bugs that exist in this first new release. Not one to follow my own advice I have experienced issues by downloading this update on the first day that I would not want you to go through.

What has changed?

When Apple first released the iPhone, and then the iPad, they had to get us use to touching a piece of glass. They encouraged us by creating “buttons” that simulated the type of button we might push on a tangible item. Then last November they decided it was time to take another step forward.

“When we sat down last November (to work on iOS 7), we understood that people had already become comfortable with touching glass, they didn’t need physical buttons, they understood the benefits,” says Ive. “So there was an incredible liberty in not having to reference the physical world so literally. We were trying to create an environment that was less specific. It got design out of the way.”

The result. A new operating system that gets out of the way leaving more screen space for the things you want to do and less space for menus and buttons. Like anything new it takes some getting use to but the payoff is a seamless user experience that seems more logical.

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