February 8, 2019

Learn how to check what apps are using the most battery on your device. Let me know which app it is for you and how many hours and minutes over 10 days!

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Easy to follow and great backup coloured illustrations

Aileen Halter

Before attending your lesson I didn't really understanding the full capacity of the iPad.

I learnt how resourceful it is and it now enables me to do everything I need on one product instead of my Laptop, Camera and GPS to name a few.

The ease of the course complimented by the backup coloured illustrations for further referral should our memories fail us from time to time.

Sign me up for the next course!

Helga Gteow

I have had an iPad for a couple of years now and used it mainly for emails, Safari and games. Colin has now shown me new tips and useful knowledge on the iPad that I'll be able to now use in the future. I absolutely love the photo session! Colin has a superb ability to be clear and concise when delivering his presentation. If there is a course for more advanced iPad users I am now ready to put my name down for it.

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