June 25, 2018

You know I have had so many customers experience this misleading and deceptive conduct from a Telstra Store and it happened again in May to another wonderful client of mine. Cathy was so enthusiastic about her new iPhone and the customer service she had received from a Telstra Store and shared with me how they gave her "free" accessories including a wireless charger, bluetooth speaker and phone case. Unfortunately I had to burst the great service bubble when I told her she will be billed for those "free" accessories. She couldn't believe it when we looked at the bill and there was a $15 per mth charge for these "free" accessories. $360 over 2 years for accessories valued at about $120.

It seems my previous posts have not gotten the attention of Telstra or the ACCC or State governing bodies who require individual complaints. Maybe by getting some signatures on a petition we can get someone to take some action. If you have experienced this or know someone that has please sign and share so we can get this conduct stopped.

I think this post needs the Angry face!

Please help me stop this Telstra Store practice. You know I have had so many customers experience this misleading and...

Posted by The IPAD Man on Sunday, June 24, 2018
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