live webinar

iMovie for iPad
Pre-lesson Instructions


11:00 Am

IMPORTANT! Follow these instructions BEFORE doing the lesson...

Create an Album in the Photos App for the photos and videos you want to Use in iMovie 

It will make it much easier on the day of you have added all the photos and videos you want to create a movie with into an album in your Photos App. Please watch video to see instructions.

If Your Photos Are Optimised for iCloud Then you Need to Select the Photos and Videos In Advance of the Lesson So They Download

If you have Optimised for iCloud on and don't follow these instructions then you can watch the lesson but will not be able to apply any of the instructions until your photos and videos have downloaded. Please watch video to see what steps are needed in advance of this lesson.

Add Photos and Videos in the Order You Would like them

This can be changed afterwards but it sure makes it easier and faster if you do add them in the right order from the beginning. Please watch video instructions to see what you need to do.