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The notes were good and easy to follow.

The notes were good and easy to follow. For me, watching on mac, it was good to have the notes on one screen and the lesson on another screen. I could then flick from one to the other. I also enjoyed the features of the iPhone camera. I can now get some memories to play on our TV. There is still a bit of work to do there.

Colin you speak clearly precisely and explain the subject well without getting sidetracked. I was also impressed how you managed the technological glitches that came up. I guess that is your thing.

I have no hesitation in recommending your course even to those how don't have an iPad.

Ian Colledge

The notes are very valuable

The notes are very valuable to be able to refer to again and again. They have been very clearly set out, which must have taken you lots of time. Thank you!

Your diction and presentation is very good. All in all I find all your classes very informative and tailored to your target audience.

I think anyone who wants to organise their old photos (new ones too) would definitely benefit from doing this course. The step by step instructions are very easy to follow.

Marie Bruggy

Colin's knowledge is amazing!

Colin managed to explain things very well within the allotted time & your knowledge is amazing. Really don’t think I could find the “courage” to throw out all the old photos though. So easy to pull out an old album to show the young ones rather than watching photos on the t.v. or computer. Almost like getting out the projector & screen but on a smaller scale!!

I would definitely recommend the Photos App Workshop as everything is explained in an easy, concise way supported by comprehensive notes & questions are encouraged which is a big plus.

Lesley Walker

I am having so much fun!

The workshop has helped me get my photos organised in Albums and folders so we were able to find particular times or places to enjoy.

I am having so much fun and its so satisfying to see some system developing.

I love the notes and am using them constantly as a guide. They are so easy to follow!! I will be sorry when the course finishes as I am loving the lessons. Colin you are able to explain everything so clearly and inspire us to be able to “ have a go “. Thank you so much

I would definitely recommend this workshop to everyone. I have been trying to sort my photos for years and this course finally gave me the tools and inspiration to do it.

Glenda Greene

Warm, friendly and very patient

We purchased the workshop as we didn't have any understanding of how to organise photos into albums.

Now we know how to organise our photos and edit them as well. The Notes were great and very detailed.

Colin is warm, friendly and very patient and I would recommend the photo workshop to everyone because it covers so much in an easy to follow manner.

Merilyn and Geoff Tudor

Colin make's the subject so interesting you dont want the session to end!

I had no idea how to sort into folders, or indeed how to tidy them in any way, just had all these photos on my iPad and computer!!!

Wow where to start? I now have all these wonderful memories that I can access at the click of a button instead of wading through photos for hours trying to find what I want!

The notes were concise, very relevant and oh so easy to use thank you. My notes are getting a bit tatty might have to reprint at this rate!

Thank you Colin for being down to earth, easy to understand and most importantly make the subject so interesting one doesn’t want the session to end! Thankfully you have been very generous and gone way over time every session. Behind every successful leader there is always a supportive team so thank you to your backup!

I already have been singing your praises and even added a note with reference to this amazing workshop in the gardening journal I edit. Hopefully lots of follow up business!

Sue Bennett

Definitely recommend the workshop

The workshop showed me just how much can be done with photos, when you know how. Finally got photos from phone to IPad from last O/S holiday-magic 2019. Into Albums, now all into a folder!

Excellent Notes, easy to manage. Videos great - so good we can keep all to refer to when needed.

A job well done Colin, nice to see you can laugh when things don’t go to plan.

Definitely recommend the workshop, makes it so much easier for us all to clean up and sort all photos

Have enjoyed everything Colin, Thank you. Nola. 🤗

Nola Crawford

Excellent presentations, preparation and patience!

I was needing help in remembering management of photos. The workshop helped me gain so many tips and ideas. Memories. People. Editing

Notes are excellent. I know how much goes into work like this so I appreciate it.

Good pacing. Being able to revisit is important. The expertise you have and the easy way you share it is great. You are easy to understand and definitely geared to your audience.

I would recommend this workshop as it would open them up to more enjoyment of photos.

Excellent presentations, preparation and patience. Resources/notes are excellent. Being able to rewatch lessons is definitely a plus and very generous. Thank you very much.

Lilian Dowell

So easy to follow.

Im looking forward to tackling the job after the workshop, knowing how to use the Photo App and making my albums for 50 years of photos.

The Notes are very good, I have downloaded them to Books so they are always available if I require them in the future

Colin, you explain everything in simple terms, the instructions are so easy to follow.

I have recommended the workshop to my family and many friends who have the same reason as me organising my photos. I have family in the UK and USA to share photos with.

Glenda Sheather

WOW the workshop was incredible

Before the workshop I didn’t know how to access my thousands of photos without scrolling through all the photos by day or year. I’d forgotten what I had and it’s a joy to discover them again.

I now have the ability to search and enjoy little clips from memories. Actually I was thrilled and surprised by most of the things Colin taught and have been using these newfound skills regularly now.

The fact that we have such detailed notes and the lessons to refer to and watch again is fantastic. I often think that I’ll remember something and the next day it’s gone so it’s great to have these resources.

WOW the workshop was incredible and far exceeded my expectations Colin, thank you so very much! To have the extra bonus material and sessions was very generous and so appreciated. You deliver your lessons in such a structured manner which is great and you speak slowly and clearly which is really important when your students are trying to get their head around something new. I appreciated that you didn’t answer questions ahead of your lesson plan and suggested that questions throughout the course that had already been addressed could be found in the notes under ‘such and such’. All of the lessons were very professionally delivered.

I absolutely recommend the photo workshopI have learnt so much and had no idea that most of these incredible features even existed before. I will be spreading the word and sharing the joy 😊

Thank you for this wonderful workshop 😊👍 I will miss the weekly sessions.

Karen Grabau

Showing my grandchildren things that they didn't know !

Before the workshop my organisation and reluctance to use iCloud as storage were my biggest problems.

Now that I have completed the workshop & found out about Folders!! I didn’t know they existed and being able to put the Albums within them of the person/time /place etc is just great. I also feel I am a little more trusting of the iCloud storage. But still not completely there as yet 😂 The Editing tools. So much more In there than I realised or knew how to use. The Apps you covered last week, Brilliant!! Scanning my old Albums (and there is a lot!) now doesn’t feel so daunting.

The notes are great Colin. I have printed them as well as saved them as PDF in books so I have always got them handy. They are a very explanatory and visuals annexe to your lessons to do a quick reference as i am doing things.

Colin your knowledge, ability and willingness to show us (with sometimes slower thinking minds) how to do things is really good. Thankyou.

I most certainly would recommend the photo workshop. I have even shown my grandchildren ( ranging from mid teens to mid twenties) some things they didn’t know. It is usually me asking them. Im now convinced to upgrade my iPhone 6s when the new one comes out in a few months..

Daphne Scott

Colin is very informative, helpful and very knowledgeable

I needed help organising photos that were everywhere on my windows computer, Mac, iPad and hard drives etc that had no organisation.

With the workshop I learnt how to organise but I also learnt a lot about editing which I thought I knew already

The notes were fantastic and I can look back on them when I need to

Colin you are very informative, helpful and very knowledgeable to help anybody at all with all problems. I love watching and learning from you

I would definitely recommend this workshop to others as I have learnt a lot and I am sure a lot of other people would too

Julianna Heath

It was so good!

I have been getting all the thousands of digital photos uploaded to the iCloud from all of my different devices! Still not finished!

The workshop has shown me how easy it is to manage the photos once uploaded and the notes are very good, understandable and a great reference!

Excellently presented and sufficiently informal to make it feel like a face to face tuition. I would definitely recommend this Photo Workshop because it’s was so good!

Heather & John Tucker

The whole course was amazing!

Before this workshop my photos were in a terrible mess and I needed direction on how to take on the mammoth task of getting them into some sort of order so I don't have to scroll through thousands of photos to find the one I'm looking for.

Understanding how albums work was very beneficial but I loved learning how to edit photos, use filters, create memories from albums. There was too much to learn in this course to pick out one thing. The whole course was amazing and the notes were excellent and very easy to follow the step-by-step instructions.

Finding the iPad Man has been a godsend to me and I have learnt so much. Colin's friendly approach is not intimidating in any way and his willingness to pass on his vast knowledge of everything Apple absolutely amazes me.

I would absolutely recommend this workshop to everyone.

Dorothy Silver ... May 2020

Absolutely I recommend this workshop

I was in 14000 photos of mess! The workshop covered folders, albums and memories, in fact I was blown away by everything that I learnt in the workshop!

The notes were great & if I had any questions I was able to revisit the video and found they were already dealt with. It was great that I could rewatch the videos as the first time round you can only take so much in!!!

Absolutely I recommend this workshop.

Joy Newman

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