The iPad Man's Plans for 2024

January Presentations


2 Hour Practical iPhone Photography Lesson

Discover the art of iPhone photography with Colin Dunkerley, "The iPad Man." This practical hands on lesson covers essential topics like camera settings, composition techniques, lighting, editing apps, and sharing your masterpieces. Perfect for seniors and beginners, unlock your iPhone's full potential in capturing beautiful moments.

Back to Basics - Rediscover tips to help you use your iPad & iPhone

Step into the world of Apple with ease and confidence through our "Back to Basics" workshop, tailored for those who wish to grasp the foundational aspects of their iPad and iPhone or seek a refreshing overview of essential features. Whether you're new to Apple devices or a long-time user needing a refresher, this workshop is designed to enhance your understanding and comfort with your technology.

Beyond the Basics - Doing more with your iPad & iPhone

An interactive workshop designed for users who have mastered the essential functions of their Apple devices and are ready to discover some more advanced features that can further enhance your digital experience.

In this session, we delve deep into the capabilities of iPads and iPhones, uncovering hidden gems and teaching you how to utilize them to their fullest. From organizing your life more efficiently with advanced Siri commands to mastering iCloud for seamless file management and exploring creative outlets through photo and video editing, this workshop covers it all.

Join me for a journey of discovery and become the tech-savvy user you aspire to be! This workshop is perfect for those who are comfortable with the fundamentals and ready to take their skills to the next level. Sign up today and transform the way you use your devices!