October 18

Erasing Your iPhone for Resale or Giveaway


How to erase your iPhone? Well, this is a pretty easy process, but it does scare a lot of people. Many people are fearful that if they erase the iPhone, that they’ll wipe out the photos and data from that phone on other devices as well. But as long as you follow these steps, that won’t be the case. You’ll just be clearing the phone for resale or for sharing with another family member.

So all you need to do to erase an iPhone is open up your Settings app, and of course you’re doing this after you’ve set up your new iPhone. You touch. General down here, you gotta scroll up a little bit, touch on general, and then scroll all the way to the very bottom where you will see transfer or reset.

iPhone. Touch on that selection. Now, if you hadn’t yet set up your new iPhone, you’d go through this process, prepare for new iPhone, get started, and that would back up this phone getting it ready. To transfer to the new phone, but if you’ve already set up your new phone and now it’s time to wipe the old one, you come down to the bottom and tap on, erase all content and setting.

and when we touch this button, it will ask or say to us, This is what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna be Ara and signing out of your apple id removing all of your personal data so this iPhone can be safely traded in, all given away. And yes, that’s what we want to do. Now I’m going to hit continue, and at this point it’s going to ask for the passcode for this phone.

Now this is important. I’m just going to enter the code. And that’s to make sure that nobody else can do this, can wipe your phone without the passcode to the device. So if your device is unlocked sitting there, no one can wipe the phone. Now, in reality, here, uploading data to the iCloud, where we don’t really need to do this at all.

If you’ve already set up the new device, everything has been transferred. So in this case, I nearly always hit skip backup. And now it’s asking me to enter the apple ID associated with this iPhone. Once again, this is to stop this device from being stolen and resold. In other words, someone trying to sell an iPhone that has not been released from this apple ID password, this iPhone will not work for the buyer no matter what.

So we do need to enter our. And I am typing it in even though you can’t see it on the screen. And I’ll hit turn off. And basically what this is doing is saying I’m going to turn off, find my, and the activation lock to this phone on this account. So I’ll hit turn off. I love how apple blocks my password.

Oh, it says verification failed. That’s saying I’ve mistyped it. So if that happens to. Just double check when you’re typing your password that you don’t mistype. And often this will be because you have got a capital letter wrong or something like that. So let me try again, and I’m gonna leave that in because you know these things happen where you mistype your own password and think, Oh no, what if I done, I’ve forgotten the password.

Nearly always. It’s mistyping. So still just waiting for this process to go through of. The turning off, Just check that again and I’ll just hit the return key on the keyboard at the turnoff button. Didn’t seem to be working and for some reason here it’s not working again. So for a third time I’m going to enter the password.

Oh. Now obviously I’d had entered it correctly, but it was taking some time. Once again, I’m just going to leave this in. It says messages in iCloud not available as the past passwords don’t match, it’s so kale. Okay I’m going to hit Erase iPhone. So for whatever reason there was a delay here, so I’m going to leave this in here just because that could happen to you where there’s a delay.

But at this point I can confidently hit Erase iPhone and I’m sure now that this is going to work. And yes, it is. We can see that, we now have that symbol going. The screen to say that it is being wiped and this will then restart as a, as though it was new in the box. Now once this line gets across to the other side, that’s the erasing part complete.

And now we should see this iPhone restart with the traditional. Hello? When we open this brand new in a box, so it’s starting here with the Apple logo and if you were wanting to resell this and show someone that it works, you might need to go through a few of these initial setup steps just to have it blank and ready to go.

And there we have it. It did take less than a minute to complete that, and now we are back at this. Hello. Waiting for it to restart. So if you’re wanting to set this up so you can show to someone who’s buying it what the specs are and that the, the battery levels and things like that, you could touch here on English here, set Australia, but you could then skip all of the signin parts so we could hear, set up manually.

And it will then ask you to connect to your wifi network. You can go through that process. here, it’s seen my wifi network. I would touch onto that wifi network and enter the password pH. So this is now gonna connect to the wifi network and now try and set this up as new for somebody else. But what I would be doing here is just wanting to set this up as a blank iPhone so you can show the person, the perspective buyer of your phone if you try to sell your phone, what the specifications are.

Once again, this could just take a few minutes to complete. So here I can hit continue. I can hit set up later. Passcode options, I’m going to, Don’t use a passcode, don’t use a passcode. I want to don’t transfer apps and data from the bottom.

I don’t wanna do that. And here I can say, forgot password or don’t have an apple. I. . Now I can touch on that and then I can hit set up later in settings. Cuz once again, I’m not wanting to sign in. I want to have this blank for the person who’s potentially buying it. Keeping this up to date. Why not? I don’t wanna use iMessage in FaceTime.

Now we could put. Location services on if you’re trying to find it. But if you’re not signed in, that’s not really gonna matter. So we can disable that at the moment because the person who buys this will set this all up for themselves. I can set up mobile, no set up later and skip and set up later for Siri.

Set up later for screen time. I don’t need to share and I can just hit continue. Choose the zoom. It says, Welcome to iPhone, slide up. And now we have a blank iPhone. Where? Oh, here. You can show to somebody that it is working. You can touch on settings, touch on general. Touch on about, and it will show you the specification.

So you can say, here’s the iPhone running version 16. It’s an iPhone 12 pro. It’s got a genuine apple part for its display, which is what people want to see when they’re buying this. You could also pop into the battery section and touch on battery health and show the battery health of the device when selling.

But this is now effectively wiped if I open up photos. There are. Photos in on this phone. There’s no accounts, there’s no email, there’s nothing. It is ready for resale. So I hope this short video gives you the confidence to wipe the device yourself, but also show you how you can sign in one moment. That’s okay.

Siri how you can sign in. So, The perspective buyer can see the specifications and information about the phone. Okay, I hope you enjoy your new phone and I hope you get some reasonable dollars for your old one. Cheerio.


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