iOS17 Released… Should you update?

By Colin Dunkerley

September 22, 2023

iOS17 Released… Should you update?

Apple has unveiled iOS 17 for iPhone and iPadOS 17 for iPad. Around this time, the most common query I receive is, "Should I immediately upgrade?"

Every year, Apple seems to improve its stability in launching iOS versions, and this year appears to be their best yet. I always suggest holding off for a week or two to ensure there aren't any glitches that might affect your devices.

From Apple's perspective, this year's release seems free from major or even minor hiccups. Kudos to Apple! But, should you hurry to install the update? I'd say, hold on.

The rationale behind waiting isn't solely for Apple to fix potential bugs. It's also crucial for app developers to rectify any issues on their end. There might be an app you frequently use that becomes glitchy post-update. Not every developer has resources comparable to Apple, so they might lag in updating their apps in sync with the new iOS release.

Hence, I advise waiting for about two weeks. If you can hold off, consider updating around November 2nd. This ensures a smoother transition as most companies would've updated their apps by then.

Did I jump the gun with the update?

I'm aware that many of you, driven by excitement, have already taken the plunge and clicked on that update button. And that's completely fine! Rest assured, if Apple identifies any glitches, they typically roll out fixes within the initial two weeks. It's not uncommon for them to release two or three minor updates addressing these issues before the major one slated for the following month.

Battery Drain Post-Update: What's Happening?

Every year, post a major iOS update, Twitter is abuzz with users lamenting about rapid battery depletion. If you're one of them, take a deep breath. This isn't a glitch; it's a standard part of the process. When you update the software, it needs to re-index all files and photos on your device and accommodate updates from app developers.

For instance, this year's Apple Photos app has a nifty feature – it can recognize your pets' faces! But to do this, it has to scan every single photo in your library to update its database. Naturally, this intensive process consumes a significant amount of battery.

So, if you've recently updated, expect a dip in battery performance for about a week. Once all the background processes are done and your apps are updated, your battery life should stabilize and return to its usual efficiency.

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