Legacy Contacts

June 10, 2024

Setup an Account Recovery for your iPad or iPhone

Step 1 - Open Settings

Find Your Settings App. It may not be on the bottom dock but will be located somewhere on your device.

Steps 2 & 3 - Your Name > Sign-in & Security

Tap on your Name in the top left of your iPad or at the top of your iPhone, then tap Sign-in & Security

Step 4 - Legacy Contact

Scroll down until you see "Legacy Contact"

Step 5 - Add Legacy Contact

Tap "Add Legacy Contact"

Step 6 - Add Legacy Contact

Apple will highlight the importance of this contact being someone you know and trust. Tap "Add Legacy Contact" again.

Step 7 - Add Suggestion or Choose Someone Else

Your device may suggest a Contact (Usually if you have Family Sharing set up. Otherwise Choose Someone Else. They must be an Apple user.

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