What Apps are Using Your Battery?

February 8, 2019

Learn how to check what apps are using the most battery on your device. Let me know which app it is for you and how many hours and minutes over 10 days!

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Easy, friendly approach that made all present comfortable

Doreen Denning

I had anxiety thinking about my brand new iPad. With the help of your teaching the learning was much easier than anticipated.

I enjoyed the hands on lesson that you conducted with an easy, friendly approach that made all present comfortable.

You are able to explain things so simply, that following you is very easy

Karin and Harry Hull

We have had our iPads for about 2.5 years, and only used it to access emails and play games

There is SO much more that we have learnt in just the introductory lesson, and we're that keen to learn more that we subscribed for your ongoing 12 week course.

Only positive things I can say after learning so much from your first course...and also following your Facebook page. You are able to explain things so simply, that following you is very easy. I have encouraged everyone I know to follow you on Facebook so that they can learn something new about using their iPads too.

I use to be able to print using off my apple computer using Bluetooth, but since having nbn connected, I am not able to. Help please?

Yes, and am following you on Facebook too!

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Colin Dunkerley  -  Colin Dunkerley, better known as The iPad Man - has been helping seniors learn how to use the iPad and iPhone since 2012. More than 1800 seniors have either enjoyed his one on one tuition or participated in small group courses to improve their iPad skills. Plus more than 12,500 people follow his tips & updates on Facebook. (facebook.com/theipadman)

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