It never to late to learn

May 5, 2015

Never Too Late To Learn
Never Too Late To Learn

Every day someone shares with me a story of how the iPad has made an impact on their quality of life, particularly when it comes to communicating with friends and loved ones. At a time when mobility may be affected, or the relatives may by many miles away, this technology presents you with the magical ability to hold your loved ones in your hands as you communicate with them wherever they are in the world, and you can do it for free.

On the contrary there are also the stories of a friend or child who has told Mum or Dad that they are too old to understand the latest technology. What a load of Bollocks! Unfortunately some people buy into this story and miss out on the opportunity to communicate face to face, the ability to be entertained, the opportunity to play and learn.

Thankfully though most ignore this bad advice and have a go. Its never to late to learn and there are so many ways that this latest technology can contribute to your life in a positive way. Keep exploring, keep communicating, keep sharp and most of all keep having fun.

About the author 

Colin Dunkerley  -  Colin Dunkerley, better known as The iPad Man - has been helping seniors learn how to use the iPad and iPhone since 2012. More than 1800 seniors have either enjoyed his one on one tuition or participated in small group courses to improve their iPad skills. Plus more than 12,500 people follow his tips & updates on Facebook. (

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